Demolition & Excavation Sydney

Commercial Demolition refers to the complete or partial removal of unwanted structures, enabling the property to be repurposed. Commercial sites include larger structures including, but not limited to: office buildings, hotels and accommodation, shopping precincts and warehouses. When demolishing a structure of this size and scope, there are many factors that must be considered, ensuring the demolition is completed safely, effectively and efficiently.

When compared to residential demolition, the process is assessed on a much wider scale, as larger machinery is used.

Prior to commencing the demolition, the building must be completely cleared, to ensure that work can be performed safely. Once the building has been completely cleared, a safety assessment is completed, inspecting the building of any asbestos or hazardous materials that must be removed prior to demolition.

Once complete, our team of professionals will strategies the demolition methods and schedule with safety at the forefront on the entire process.